We take sustainability seriously.


Our goal is to bring you affordable and sustainable supermarket products that exceed your expectations.


Our products, packaging and supply chains have all been developed with this in mind.


As well as being soft and strong, using bamboo is better for the environment because it’s:



The fastest growing plant on earth at up to 90cm/day!



Actually a grass! So when we trim it, it just grows back within a year.



Super resilient so it doesn’t need sprays or fertilisers to help it grow.


Compare this to trees:


27,000 trees a day die when they’re cut down to make traditional toilet paper. Each tree took 15 years to grow… gone in a flush! So we can get far better environmental yields on the same amount of land using bamboo.

We’re committed to making the planet a better
place, so we’ve developed 100% bamboo soft
weave, biodegradable. toilet tissue that requires no deforestation in the making.


Our toilet rolls are also hypoallergenic, fragrance free, BPA free, GMO free and cruelty free.


We’re working towards a plastic-free packaging solution but in the meantime, we have proudly partnered with Plastic Collective to offset the plastic that our toilet rolls are currently sold in.


To do this, we measure the plastic in our toilet roll packaging that you see on store shelves and Plastic Collective works with vulnerable communities in remote parts of the world to collect the equivalent amount of plastic waste that might otherwise end up in our oceans. Proceeds fund initiatives including education, training and employment in these vulnerable communities.  


The Global Good Collective is proud to be Zero Carbon Freight certified with Ekos. This means we have measured and offset 100% of the carbon emissions derived from the freighting of our products with certified carbon credits. These credits are sourced from the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project in Southland, Aotearoa (New Zealand). This project was established by protecting 738ha of pre-existing indigenous rainforest which would have otherwise been logged. Head to Ekos’website for more details.