What are your toilet rolls made from?

Our amazingly soft and strong toilet rolls are made from 100% bamboo pulp which is FSC certified for meeting the highest standards of sustainability. The bamboo is grown close to our production facility to minimise transport.

Do you use the same type of bamboo as pandas eat?

Great question! This was one of the first ones we asked too. The answer is no. Our bamboo is FSC-certified as meeting the highest standards of sustainability. So we are cruelty free and can comfortably say that no pandas go hungry because of our products.

What is your packaging made from?

This is a tricky one. At the moment, it isn’t possible for us to supply the affordable, sustainable toilet paper our customers love in anything except plastic packaging. We are working towards alternative packaging as we know reducing plastic is as important to our customers as it is to us. For now, we partner with the Plastic Collective to remove the equivalent amount of plastic as is contained in our packs. Plastic Collective provide vulnerable communities with employment, training and machinery to collect, recycle and then sell plastic that would otherwise end up in our waterways. We are proud to be contributing towards removing plastic from our oceans while we strive to find an alternative to plastic that works for our product.

Why is bamboo better than traditional toilet paper?

For so many reasons! Bamboo is naturally soft and strong which, let’s face it, is super important for toilet rolls. But bamboo is also a more sustainable choice. It takes around 20 years to grow a tree used to make traditional toilet paper. Bamboo is a grass (not a tree) and can grow up to 90cm a day, making it one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. When you cut down a tree, it’s gone forever. Bamboo is self regenerating (like any grass) so when we trim it, a year later it has fully regrown, making it one of the most sustainable resources on the planet.

Why do your rolls appear smaller than others?

We've got two words for you: "Tightly Wound". Rest assured that, just like our competitors, Global Good Collective’s rolls are 180 sheets of full-sized squares but the difference is that we don't fluff things up! In the interests of using less packaging and reducing our carbon footprint we opt for smaller rolls and therefore smaller pack sizes, meaning less plastic! We achieve this by winding our toilet rolls tighter than our competitors. So you get just as many sheets but at less cost to the globe. Global Good in name and practice!

Are your toilet rolls biodegradable?

Yes, our toilet rolls are biodegradable.

Are your toilet rolls suitable for septic tanks?

Yes, they are. Global Good Collective’s toilet rolls are biodegradable making them suitable for use in septic tanks. If your tank is particuarly old then we recommend testing a small amount first.

How do you combat deforestation?

We combat deforestation by leading the way towards tissues that don’t require trees to be destroyed. Making our products with high-yield, sustainable bamboo empowers consumers to make a choice to stop killing trees for tissue products that are used in seconds.

According to the NDRC, most of the toilet tissues used around the world are made from wood pulp, the use of which drives degradation of forests. Some large toilet paper manufacturers globally continue to use trees from forests that are thousands of years old. Even the most sustainable wood pulp toilet tissues come from trees that take up to 20 years to grow and must be completely destroyed to be used.

Bamboo is a grass, not a tree. Much like a lawn, it can be mown and then grow back! So we can trim the same plant each year and it's (at a pace of 90cm a day during its peak growth time) ready to be harvested again. Also, our bamboo plantations are native to the lands in which they grow - no clearing has occured to plant them.

Finally, to offset the carbon created in our supply chain, we partner with Ekos to pay for trees in forests that would otherwise be logged to remain standing so they can continue to sequester carbon from our environment which directly prevents deforestation.

Where are your products made?

Our bamboo is grown in plantations that are very close to our production facility in China. We would love to grow the bamboo closer to home but it needs very heavy rainfall at particular times to flourish and we don’t have that climate here in Australia

We recognise that this means our products travel further than would be ideal so we offset the carbon emissions by partnering with Ekos. Ekos pays for trees that would otherwise be logged to remain standing, so they can continue to sequester carbon from our environment.

What does soft weave mean?

Bamboo fibres are naturally long, soft and strong, everything you want from toilet paper. You have probably seen bamboo being used to make everything from underwear to bed sheets, which says it all doesn’t it? You don’t see trees being used to make undies!

Do you use any pesticides or spray to grow your bamboo?

No pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers and we are proud to say that our products are Ink, dye, fragrance free, BPA and GMO free.

Where can I buy your products?

We could not be prouder to partner exclusively with Woolworths, who share our vision of making sustainable products available in store at affordable prices.

If nothing answers your question, reach out to us. Our friendly team is available to help.

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